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Are you a Stay-at-Home Mom, 9-5 Worker, NYSC Corper, Student Or Even a Small Business Owner?

Then listen attentively, because what I'm about to show you is a life-changing opportunity...

Would you like to start an extremely profitable home based business that is guaranteed to make you extra 50k – 100k Monthly selling a High-demand product?

And yes, this business is open to you,

Even If You…


Omaness Skinfood is currently onboarding vibrant, business minded women across the 36 states(10 per city) as Authorized Dongoyaro Resellers.

If you are a woman, this is an opportunity for you to increase your income by joining the team of women who make money everyday from selling “Dongoyaro Soap and Salve”

Our Best selling Product, Dongoyaro Soap and Salve is a tested and trusted herbal remedy (with over 500+ testimonials) that get rid of all types of skin irritations like eczema, rashes, eela, lapa lapa, kraw kraw, psoriasis, jock itch, ringworm, shaving rash e.t.c 

The Dongoyaro soap and salve has helped over 1000+ people overcome their skin infection and regain back their joy and confidence.


And Many More…

There are still millions of other people who need these Dongoyaro Soap and Salve and it’s an opportunity for you to make so much money getting it to them…

But before I proceed to telling you the criteria to becoming An Omaness Skinfood Distributor...

Listen to what "Merchant Olufunke", A Tailor Who Makes Extra #50,000 Monthly As An Omaness Skinfood Distributor has to say...

My name is Olufunke, I live in Akure Nigeria,

Asides from starting my business as an Omaness Skinfood Merchant, I am also a Fashion Designer.

Becoming a Omaness Skinfood Distributor has been nothing short of a blessing. I have been able to bring my best skin forward and I have also helped countless people battling with skin irritations bring their best skin forward, 

This business opportunity has enabled me to make more money and increase my income with ease. 

As a Fashion designer I am always very busy, with lots of customer deadline to meet but my skinfood business doesn’t affect my business as a fashion designer because I operate both from my home.

If I can do it, you can do it too! 

What About, Merchant Victoria, a NYSC Corper who's also an Omaness Skinfood Distributor, Here's What She Has To Say...

My name is Victoria, I’m a NYSC Corper and also an Omaness Skinfood Merchant, I got to know about Omaness skinfood while I was serving in 2022,

I needed an extra source of income for my upkeep since my monthly allowance of 30,000 wasn’t enough,

A friend of mine introduced me to Omaness Skinfood Reseller Offer that costs 30,000 to sign up, and I saw that it was really a lucrative business, 

I signed up as a merchant and since then I have been making money enough for my upkeep and even to send home to my parents.

And also helping lot of people battling with skin irritations get rid of it, which really makes me happy,

I’m forever grateful to you for this wonderful opportunity Omaness Skinfood!

Also, Meet Madam Lilian, An Omaness Skinfood Merchant Who Also Works 9-5 Job as a Civil Servant...

My Name is Lilian, I work 9-5 as a Civil Servant, I’m so happy I found Omaness SkinfoodI used to have uneven skin tone, discolouration and dark patch around my eye area. 

I heard about Omaness Skinfood during my women program in church and decided to give it a try. Gradually I began to notice a visible difference on my skin and even started receiving compliments from friends & colleagues.

I decided to become Omaness Skinfood Merchant because I realized that there are many women who need help finding the right nourishment for their skin. 

Bringing Omaness Skinfood products closer to people doesn’t only makes me happy knowing I am helping people 

But it is also a lucrative opportunity for me to make an extra Income. 

 Thank you, Omaness!

Lastly, Listen To What Mrs. Rita, A Nurse who is also an Omaness Skinfood Merchant has to say...

My name is Rita, I’m a Nurse and also an Omaness Skinfood Merchant,

Before I got to know about Omaness Skinfood, Being a Nurse, I come across lots of people asking me what that can use on their skin to cure irritations,

Some after trying oral medications are still not cured, so I began my search for effective products

I came across Omaness Skinfood Page and the testimonials I saw was what attracted me to buy and try the product, I told one of my client whose daughter who was battling with rashes to try it, and in few days it cleared off,

After seeing how effective the product worked, I signed up as an Omaness Skinfood Merchant and began recommending the product to people battling with skin irritation and also making money while doing so.

This is really a lucrative business every Nigeria women should consider.

Your Finances Is About To Change Just Like That Of The People Mentioned Above If You Act On The Information in This Page Today...

No matter your age, no matter what you are currently doing (9-5 worker, Small Business owner, Student e.t.c)… This wonderful opportunity to become an Omaness Skinfood “Dongoyaro Reseller” In your state/location is the easiest and fastest way to make money everyday!

How? Let me explain…

You See, The Idea Is...

If we accept you As an Omaness Skinfood Distributor, It becomes our responsibility to “Send You Product + Customers Who Will Buy Them…

All you just have to do is Ensure efficient delivery to our customers”

And Here's Exactly How It Works...

But Wait oh…This looks Amazing. Why Do this? Whats for the Company?

Good Question,

Now this is why we are doing this.

Our aim is to offer women the right products and opportunity that empowers them to make money & enrich the lives of others while building a thriving business for themselves.

When we talk about life changing, 

We don’t mean you will suddenly become a millionaire overnight. 

We’re talking about what an extra income can do for you every month.

For example, being able to pay your child’s school fees, 

Being able to be debt-free, 

Being able to be afford anything you want anytime you want it, 

Making sure you can afford an health insurance plan for your family, 

Investing in landed properties, 

Buying of shares and been ables to afford vacations outside the country with your family…

No doubt, this is what we consider life changing. And that is what we do at Omaness.

Now, This is the logic.

We currently have a problem…which is Logistics
You see, Our Marketing Is Excellent and Orders comes really easy for us.

But Logistics and delivery has been a major problem

Because we get orders across Nigeria, its hard sending single piece of our products to people across Nigeria, everyday. It’s not even profitable.

So we decided to create an Opportunity For You To Make Money…

Does It Make Sense Now?

But...What Happens If We Fail To Send Customers?

In rare occasions where we’re unable to send customers within the stipulated timeframe, We have a RETURN & EXCHANGE POLICY, you can request for a capital refund of unsold items.

This process takes about 2 weeks.

The reason is to allow us process the request and retrieve items.

This clearly makes this a risk free opportunity.

Now, Register To Become An Omaness Dongoyaro Reseller Today! With A Startup Capital Of N30,000 ONLY...

And Make 50,000 Profit Monthly Without Doing Any Marketing...

With a startup Capital of N30,000, You can become a Skinfood Merchant in your city!

Your N30,000 Starter Kit Includes:

Watch This Video To See What You Will Be Getting When You Register As A Skinfood Merchant Today!

Best of It All?

You will Earn Up to 30% profit margin on product sold, You will also receive 5% quarterly commission and other performance based incentives.

Join Over 500+ Women Across Nigeria Who Are making 50,000+ In Profit Monthly As An Omaness Skinfood Distributor...


Got Questions? We've Got Answers

As an Omaness Skinfood Distributor in your state/location you can earn up to 50k- 100k monthly with 30% profit per product Sold.

One of the biggest advantage of starting your own business as a skinfood Merchant is the fact that you can operate your businesss on the go!

This mean that you can sell your skinfood product to hundreds of customer everyday in your city and across the world without a physical store location.

You can operate your business from the comfort of your home, through your mobile phone, from the booth of your car, anywhere you currently are!

To register is very easy! Just click on the button that says “I’M INTERESTED”, It will take you our Whatsapp where you will be attended to by the manager in charge.

Yes! If You Are In Lagos, Feel Free To Walk Into Our Office at 23, Ijaiye Road, Aguda. Ogba. Lagos, Nigeria

YES, Omaness Skinfood Products are NAFDAC Approved.


We have only 10 slots Available Per City, So hurry before the slots in your city get’s SOLD OUT!


If you haven’t joined the train…here’s your chance to get on board now!

Soon, there’d be an omaness skinfood merchant in every city you know…

You’d hear and read the news of how hundreds of women you know are making money and building a business for themselves selling Omaness Skinfood Products to thousands of people in their city…

When it happens, you don’t want to wonder and ask yourself why you did’nt become an Omaness Skinfood Merchant when you had the chance!

The Choice Is Yours!


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