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TRUE LIFE STORY: My Sad And Painful Skin Irritation Experience, I Can't Even Wish For My Enemy...

(Disclaimer: The following images might be appear disturbing to some individuals!)

My name is Glory, at a time in my life, I began to think I was under a curse in my village because my child battled seriously with skin irritation; Ringworm. I tried all kinds of anti-fungal creams, lotions, and powders e.t.c on him, all to no good result.

As you can see below…

The ringworm on his head (samuel) continued to spread and the Infected part itched so bad, the patch area on his head started to bleed.


I could not help it, I really pity the poor boy he was always scratching it and his eyes with tears reveals how uncomfortable he was with his painful condition.


The itching and head condition always got me embarrassed every time we are in public, worst of it all, other kids stopped playing with him, with the fear that they would contact the same skin irritation from my son, I often hear their parent (my neighbours) warn their kids not to go any way near him so they don’t contact the skin irritation.

I was so worried…


Fast forward to about 3 months ago, a friend of mine who came to pay me a visit saw the state of his head and recommended we use Dongoyaro Soap and Salve from Omaness Skinfood.


At first I was skeptical because I have tried several products that didn’t work…but she gave me a guarantee and told me how she had previously used it for a skin irritation she had on her leg before and how it completely dried and cleared it in less than 14days.


I contacted them and paid, got my package delivered the same day (so fast)…fast forward to about 3 weeks later, all the itching and patches on my son’s head has cleared & disappeared completely.


This came as a shock to me because I have tried many products that didn’t work, but the most important thing was that My son was finally free from the pain and discomfort and can now confidently play with other kids after using the Dongoyaro Soap and Salve and practising hygiene.

Now, I and my family use the Dongoyaro Soap as our daily bathing soap and we are always 100% protected from any skin irritation!

I strongly recommend Omaness Skinfood, they’re very professional, they deliver fast and their products work wonders.

Also, Read The Story Of Mrs. Sarah Who Battled With Chronic Skin Irritation On Her Breast

My name is Mrs. Sarah, I live in Yaba, Lagos. I have a testimony from using the powerful Dongoyaro Healing Soap and Salve. 

For over 1 year after I stopped breat-feeding my daughter, I began to notice an irritation on my left breast, at first I thought it was a minor rashes until it persisted for several months,


I went to hospital where I was told it was an infection and I started using different medications, all to no avails.

I will usually feel the stinging pain most especially whenever I’m dressed to go out,


I completely stopped wearing bra and whenever I’m home, I will always leave it open.

My husband said IT WAS AN ATTACK!


Until a friend of mine who I opened up to secretly, told me it’s a yeast infection and introduced the Dongoyaro healing Soap and Salve to me.

I began to use the Dongoyaro healing Soap and Salve everyday, morning and night, and I started to feel less pain and discomfort as I used to, and in matters of days…

The irritation disappeared, completely. Without any trace (as you can see in the image below)…

Please don’t doubt this Dongoyaro Soap and Salve by Omaness Skinfood, it really works wonders!

What about, The story of Emeka who battled with yeast infection on his forehead for close to 7 months...

My name is Emeka, If my pharmacist had not introduced me to Dongoyaro Healing Soap and Salve at the exact time she did, maybe I would have lost my self confidence completely, 

Few months ago, I started developing a strange rashes on my forehead, I thought it was a normal skin irritation that it will eventually go,


Not until it developed into a black patch on my skin, I feel so embarrassed by this on my forehead. I had to go for a medical check-up with a dermatologist, who diagonized I have a yeast infection.

I was placed on an oral and topical medication for close to 2 months without any improvement on the condition.


On a faithful day, My dermatologist advised me to stop and she recommended Omaness Skinfood Dongoyaro Soap and Salve to me, and within 3-weeks of using it, there has been a very clear difference.

Now I have gotten my self confidence back. I’m forever grateful to you OMANESS SKINFOOD.

Dear Reader, Your story Is about to change as well, just like that of Mrs Glory, Mrs Sarah, Emeka and over 1,590+ people who have used this Tested & Trusted "Herbal Remedy" to cure their Skin Irritations!

No matter your age, no matter how long you’ve been battling  or suffering from your skin irritation, no matter how chronic the skin irritation is…Our powerful, wonder working DONGOYARO SOAP AND SALVE will completely help you restore your skin and regain your joy and confidence.


Dongoyaro Soap And Salve!

The 100% Effective, Tested & Trusted Skin Irritation Destroyer!

Our products are NAFDAC approved and guaranteed to work and get you your desired result.

Also, the Dongoyaro Soap and Salve and our other lines of products are 100% tested and trusted by over 100,000+ Nigerians and customers across Africa!

Dongoyaro Soap And Salve Will Destroy Any Kinds Of Skin Irritation, No Matter How Long You've Been Battling With it:

Which of these are you currently battling with?

Dongoyaro Soap And Salve Is the SOLUTION!

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What's Our Guarantee?

We are so confident that we ask you…

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You don’t have to keep buying Dongoyaro Healing Soap and Salve week after week and month after month for the rest of your life.

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However, You can take advantage of our huge promo discount by getting the COMPLETE FAMILY BUNDLE which is usually enough to free most people from chronic infections and is also perfect as a gift to your friends and loved ones who may be battling with skin irritations.

Dongoyaro Healing Soap and Salve is made from pure natural extracts, and they do not have any side effects whatsoever.

It comes with well-stated prescription to achieve desired result in shortest time possible, 14days or less.

Yes, you can continue using the Dongoyaro Healing Soap as your normal bathing soap after your skin irritation is cleared but discontinue the Salve(cream) after skin irritation is gone. 

Yes! We’re currently offering payment on delivery nationwide.

However, we advice potential customers to buy more packs at a discount now to save money on delivery.

Yes! If You Are In Lagos, Feel Free To Walk Into Our Office at 23, Ijaiye Road, Aguda, Ogba, Lagos, Nigeria.

We currently have over 1,000 verified testimonials from customers who have used our Dogonyaro Healing Soap & Salve.

So we are confident that as long as your skin irritation is topical, the products will also work for you.

However if it doesn’t work for you, then it means your skin irritation isn’t topical and requires proper medical diagnosis. We advise you visit a professional medical doctor / dermatologist for proper diagnosis.


Don’t Risk That Irritation Staying Longer On Skin Without Doing Anything About It… It Could Become Incurable And Lead To Serious Incurable Infections.

You Can’t Afford Spending Millions Of Naira Later For Something You Could Have Easily Avoided Now… The Choice Is Yours!


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