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Tired of fighting acne, eczema, ringworm, and other constant skin irritations?

This Nigerian Woman Reveals How She Got Rid Of Her Acne Completely In Less Than 14 Days With A Hidden Herb From Southern India.

...And she also reveals how you can use this 'hidden herb' to eliminate your acne and eczema completely in 14 days without any side effects!

It Doesn’t Matter If:

“Aren’t you tired of moving around in a skin you’re not proud of?”

Do the above words sound painfully familiar to you?

Well, I have been there and I heard words like this for close to 10 years of my life…

From friends, siblings, strangers and even my crush…

And it seemed like my skin was a curse rather than the source of beauty that it was supposed to be.

The patches on my skin was the only thing every person I met ‘noticed’ about me… 

No one ever noticed my eloquence, my humility, or even my great personality.

They only noticed how rough and ugly my skin looked..…

I’ve lost a lot of friends because no one is ready to mingle with someone who isn’t up to the beauty standards of our society.

You know, if you have skin problems then you automatically become ‘unwanted’

I couldn’t even get a boyfriend for a very long time because of my constant skin irritation,

Which also made me spend most of my nights itching my face and other parts of my body when I was supposed to be sleeping…

I have had to hide in different corners at social gatherings when I was supposed to be enjoying quality time with my loved ones…

I have even had to lie to my mom multiple times that I’m going for a seminar or work related events anytime there was an occasion in the family…

Just to save myself the embarrassment and shame that comes from the constant questioning on how my skin looked

But the truth is:

I was always at home scrolling through the internet searching for the perfect cure to my skin irritation…

I became a regular at every skin care outlets…

I visited various ‘skin doctors’ just to treat my skin problems…

And sometimes, as I was battling with one skin irritation, another one surfaces…

And other times, I experience a very depressing phrase of different skin disease at the same time, 


Acne, eczema, ringworm, rashes, fungus, inner thigh, and under bust irritation

I literally never had a good day when it came to my skin… It was a constant and unending circle of anxiety and frustration.

And I’m sure you must have had your fair share of these too…

Every day, you’ll wake up to a reflection in the mirror that shows you your skin’s greatest failure and its imperfections. 

The acne on your face, the redness from your skin inflammation, and the persistent breakouts serve as a constant reminder of the battle you are currently fighting within your own body. 

Or is it the constant questioning from friends and families who always want to know the current skin care product or therapy you’re using to take care of your skin irritations…

Or the nasty comments from people who thinks you’re not taking care of your skin enough and judge you for being nonchalant about your skin.

And most of the time, it will seem like no one understands this, not even your closest friends or siblings.

Because no matter how much they see your struggles, they won’t understand the physical and emotional pain you’re going through. 

At some point, it’ll feel like you’re all alone as you.…

All of these will make you long for the freedom to step outside without covering yourself in layers of concealer, foundation, and powder to mask your rough and bumpy skin. 

Truly, it can all be a rollercoaster of emotions.

All these are the same things I experienced for almost 10 years.

In fact, at some point I was fed up with being the black sheep everywhere I went and…

I thought of committing suicide and leaving everything behind…

Since everything I tried to get rid of these irritations never helped,

But the thought of what my death would lead to was what made me change my mind.

The thought of the pain and agony my mother will experience scared me more than any other thing 

And it was the day I decided not to go through with the suicide that I swore to do whatever it takes to stop being the laughing stock.

That was the day I made a resolution to try everything I could get my hands on.

I got to work and I started searching frantically all over the internet for a cure 

Because i was already tired of all the struggles

I kept searching for a miraculous cure that I wasn’t even sure existed…

I moved from one tab to another on google… 

One YouTube video to another watching different people teaching different things on how to cure skin irritations… 

From one Facebook group to another without any break.

It was tiring.

I was fed up, and I almost gave up on ever finding a solution.

But the resolution i made with myself was what kept me going

And when I thought I had exhausted all my means of getting a permanent cure to my skin irritations, 

One that didn’t require me spending thousands of naira on ineffective creams and serums…

Heaven decided to smile on me and send an answer to my prayers 

A miracle that I’ve been yearning for was sent down to me 

It was something I hadn’t thought of before and I couldn’t even believe it’s existence…

I was searching the internet when I came across a YouTube video of a dermatologist sharing tips on how to have a flawless skin

And she mentioned this hidden herb as the secret behind her glowing and smooth skin…

I thought she wanted to sell another skincare product just like every other videos I‘ve watched,

But all the comments under the video kept talking about the wonders of this herb…  

And there was a particular comment that stood out and it caught my attention…

The comment was talking about the kind of wonder that this particular ‘herb’ did in her life.

So I decided to scroll through more comments…

And with every scroll, my heart kept racing. 

I was seeing a lot of people who happened to be Indians in this comment section, talking and testifying about how their skin problems have been solved.

And I think it’s common knowledge that Indians have an issue with skin color, so they tend to discriminate against people who are dark and people who generally have one skin issue or the other.

So, if these Indians were testifying to now being in line with the beauty standard of their society, then it meant…

This hidden herb was a miracle!

And that’s when it dawned on me that I’ve struck a gold and my prayer has been answered

I wanted to know more, so I decided to do a little bit more research, until I found the traditional hidden herb they were all talking about…

Apparently, it had been hidden from the public for many centuries, 

But still, even though it wasn’t out there all this while…

This Hidden Herb Has Been Helping Women Cure And Eliminate Their Skin Irritation Completely…

Without leaving any scar behind!

And I’ll reveal everything about this herb to you in a moment… 

But first, you should know that you’re not alone in this battle against your rough and unhealthy skin.

Like you, There are over 3,000 women who suffer from different skin diseases in Nigeria!

And simultaneously, there are 6373 children with the same problem, which means they might also grow up to have the same problem that I once battled and one you’re currently battling.

In fact, according to the National Institute Of Health (NIH),

56.3% of the women in Nigeria suffer from at least one skin disease.

But you don’t have to worry because there’s good news for you…

And the good news is…

You now have something the other 3000+ women don’t have and will probably never have… 

And that’s you being on this page right now.

Because this is where I’ll be telling you how I discovered this Hidden herb for myself, how I have been using it to wipe off acne, eczema, blackspot, wrinkles, and ringworm…

And how you can also use it to get your best skin.

Soon, you’ll discover the…

Ultimate Skin Proteins that changed my life forever!

The hidden Azadirachta from Southern India…

Everything about this herb seemed foreign….I had never seen it so I intensified my research.

And everyday I made new discoveries about this herb, like how:

It has over 140 skin healing components…

How it is the number one beauty herb in India… 

And how it has become one of the most important parts in medicine.

And for the first time in almost 10 years, I felt like I had something that could completely heal my skin and give me the type of flawless skin I wanted.

But there was a problem!

I was no skincare expert.

I didn’t know most of the ingredients that skincare brands used,

I had no knowledge about mixing healthy components to create something that could work for me…

So I had no way of using all that I learned about the Azadirachta herb.

Once again, this made me sad.

It was like going back to square one.

I was taken right back to where I started.

But then something occurred to me…

I could continue my research and find products that already had this herb in them.

I mean, I know that there are lots of good for nothing skincare products out there,

But I felt like even if it was just one person…

There has to be someone who cares about creating something that actually works and changes stories.

And I knew for a fact that, if skincare brands actually cared, they would know about the discovery of this herb and make use of it.

 But surprisingly, no matter how much I tried, I couldn’t find any skincare brands with this herb.

I check brands on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and even Twitter.

But all my effort kept piling up like dirt.

Then one day I came across a post on Facebook about a skincare expert who received an award from the government for her fast growing impact in the beauty industry. 

So I got her name which is Ifeoma Adibe-Chukwuka…

And I decided to do some research on her too! 

During this time, I found out that a lot of local Nigerian newspapers had interviewed her and others wrote articles about her  accomplishments and the way she was    changing the beauty industry…

You might even know some of these newspapers like…

The Nation, Punch News and Online Forum, The Guardian, Press Reader, and The Women Entrepreneurship Body

The things I found out about Ifeoma were intriguing but I was more interested in her skincare products…

I found her skincare brand OMANESS  SKINFOOD and checked the ingredients of her products…

And lo and behold… I found this hidden herb from southern India in one of her products, which was named…

The Dongoyaro Healing Skin Protein Bar!

Immediately I saw this, I couldn’t contain my happiness.

It felt like my 10 years worth of sadness had finally lifted off me.

So, I decided to message her on Instagram immediately.

Soon after, I got her response which made it feel more real… 

I could picture myself living exactly how I’ve always dreamt of…

With my flawless and intimidating skin,

I would go to all the places that I wanted…

I could attend the event of my loved ones  and truly be happy for them and myself…

So I quickly told her all about the struggles with my skin and how long I’ve been trying to get rid of the bumps and reactions.

I shared my pains with her, 

The opportunities I lost and the sacrifices I’ve had to make because of my bad skin.

And the reply I got from her was one that changed my life forever…

She was very willing to talk to me about the products i had tried in the past and she took her time to study the pattern of my skin irritations…

It felt like she actually cared about me; she didn’t even try to push her products on me.

She also went ahead to let me know that having constant skin irritations could be as a result of different things.

She explained that…

Unlike what we always believe, our skin isn’t really affected by outer dirt.

Instead, there are many factors that can contribute to your skin problems (acne, psoriasis, ringworm, hyperpigmentation, eczema, etc.).

And some of these factors can be your hormones, inherited genes, stress level, the type of environment you stay in, etc.

Or it can even be due to a weak immune system.

I mean, would you have thought that these little things played a big role in making your idle skin glow?

Because unlike what you used to believe…

Having Skin Irritations Isn’t Your Fault…

Truly, the cause of your skin problems is not your pillowcase or your hygiene, or even any of the things I listed above,


They are mostly caused by the products you actually buy to ‘fix’ this problem in the first place.

99 out of 100 skin products are created and produced with high amounts of chemicals that in turn cause excess damage to your skin, depending on the elasticity of your healing metabolism…

Most beauty products that we buy and use to heal actually have more components that harm the skin rather than heal it, like…

 Fragrance and alcohol, Sulfates, Lactic Acid, Benzoyl Peroxide

 …and many others.

And each of these ingredients can cause skin dermatitis, leaving you with different skin reactions.

But the good news is….

The Dongoyaro Healing Skin Protein Bar has Relatively Given Me And 1000+ Women The Skin We’d ALWAYS Dreamt Of!

You see, Ifeoma made me realize that…

The inhabitants of Southern India have been using this traditional skin protein herb for centuries, and because of its legacy, 

They have the highest number of the healthiest skin in the world!

In fact, she confessed that she came across this herb by mistake during one of her volunteer travels for an NGO outside the country.

She stated that she was also so lucky to have stumbled upon this secret herb after she started her skincare brand in 2018

Not only because it has helped over 1000 women in Nigeria change their skin stories quickly, but mostly because it could change the history of skin disease and irritation in Nigeria.

Also, this hidden Azadirachta herb has already been validated by a group of scientists from the University of Hyderabad in India, and…

It is currently being studied in the USA for its 140+ ‘Skin Aid’ components.

According to their research which was published on, 

Extracts of this Azadirachta herb can suppress the proliferation and growth of toxins underneath the skin cell and generally prevent tumor cells through disruption of cell cycle progression

Individuals have been able to reduce their inflammation level during the wound healing process with its extract…

This scientifically means that the healing cells in the body become active and thus increase their healing levels and metabolism by up to 53%, as you can see in the graphic above.

With everything I was getting, I just knew that I had to try this, even if it was the last product I ever tried.

This is because I genuinely believe that…


And it will be the one to tell your story to strangers, to friends, to neighbors, to your spouse, to family members, and to people you don’t even know.

This was the thought that encouraged me to do all that research in the first place and get the Dongoyaro.

I knew for a fact that I had landed on gold when I bought the Dongoyaro, but what I didn’t know was how fast it worked.

In the first 3 days, I noticed that my big pulse-filled pimples were all over my face started getting smaller,

The itchiness and uncomfortable feelings of acne were no longer there…

I was really happy, but I didn’t want to get too excited so I wouldn’t jinx my progress and healing process.

So I stayed calm and just continued using the soap consistently in the morning after I woke up and at night before I went to sleep.

Soon after, I began to see that the outermost layer of my skin was starting to regenerate and the opened wound surface of a busted pimple was closing

I thought it was a dream, but it wasn’t!

On day seven, I looked into the mirror in my room and saw that the protruding bumps I used to have on my face were no longer there… They were all dried up, leaving nothing but a soft and tender skin behind.

That was when I knew I had changed my story…..for better!

I went from this to THIS!

And it came as a surprise because all of these happened in the span of 11 DAYS.

So this made me realize that….

If this herbal soap could make my skin better, then it means it would work for anyone!

And ever since my acne and pimples cleared off, I’ve been receiving genuine compliments about the texture and look of my skin with every step I take outside my house, 

Sometimes, people even walk up to me to ask me questions about what I use for my Glow.

And as much as I’d like to tell them “it’s water and the grace of God” like you’d usually hear from most Nigerians, I knew it wasn’t…

I knew that it was the Dongoyaro Healing Skin Protein Bar that worked wonders.

And it’s not just because of the hidden Azadirachta herb that it contains….

But also because of…

The Other 5 Sacred Traditional Herbs…

That Ifeoma added to this skin protein bar to make it totally different from what you’d normally see in the saturated skincare market.

Ifeoma made me understand that after she discovered the Azadirachta herb, she knew that she had to create a working all-solution product with it…

That Ifeoma added to this skin protein bar to make it totally different from what you’d normally see in the saturated skincare market.

Ifeoma made me understand that after she discovered the Azadirachta herb, she knew that she had to create a working all-solution product with it…

So like me, she did a lot of research on other herbs that can help with healing bad skin completely…

And she found a couple of them after months of research, which she mixed with the Azadirachta herb to make it the Ultimate Skin Protein. 

The additional herbs that she included were;

Ultimate Skin Repair Protein #1: Cassia Alata…

which is commonly known as the Ringworm Bush or Senna alata…
It is a tropical plant in Central and South America that has its origins in Jamaica.

The leaves, flowers, and roots of this herb are generally used to treat different kinds of skin infections and diseases, including itching, scabies, and ringworm.

Ultimate Skin repair protein #2: Tree of Life

This plant was given its name because of its healing power…
It originated from the Sub-Himalayan region, Asia, Arabia, and Africa…
This herb is responsible for improving digestive health and vision and it also helps boost energy levels

You probably have access to this plant and you might not even know… But this plant is something you would have heard about
And you might have even used it. The plant I’m talking about is popularly known as Moringa in Nigeria

I know it’s no longer a news that the moringa plants is a great medicinal herb It’s well known for its many health benefits And you might have also used it to cure one illness or another.

But one thing you don’t know about the Moringa plant is… 

Its beneficial properties that help cure skin diseases…

The Moringa plant is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

But that’s not all, recent studies show that it also contains antibacterial, toning, and anti-inflammatory properties…

Which makes it the a great replacement for synthetic ingredients in the cosmetics industry

In fact, a study published in the Journal of Cutaneous and Surgery in 2014 evaluated the effects of Moringa plant extract on skin wound healing in animals.

The study found that Moringa extract showed positive effects on wound healing and skin care.

Ultimate Skin repair protein #3: Vitellaria paradoxa

This herb is a natural fat extracted from the nuts of the shea trees from West Africa.
This herb has been in use for centuries in African traditional medicine and skincare.
Because of the high level of healing it has, it is widely used in the cosmetic and beauty industry.

In Nigeria, we refer to it as Shea butter and a lot of people…even those who claim to not care about their skin use it.

This is because it is a highly moisturizing and nourishing butter that is full of vitamins.

Its emollient component helps in creating a protective barrier on the skin, shielding you from the many things that can cause skin damage.

And also prevents fast skin aging. Its buttery feel is good for soothing the skin and giving it a youthful outlook.

In fact, many people use it in their meals.
And they make it their default food oil because of its many skin benefits.

Ultimate Skin repair protein #4: Beeswax.

I know a part of you is very sure that you know all about bees and how dangerous they are…

But what you don’t know is… Honey Bees are responsible for producing a natural wax gland that especially helps in soothing irritated and inflamed skin . The wonders of beeswax also lets it serve as a protective layer on the skin, shielding it from
environmental stressors like…
harsh weather conditions, pollutants, and dry air.

This protective barrier helps to retain moisture and prevent damage to the skin. But even with these, there’s a more significant benefit that beeswax provides the skin with. And it’s its non-comedogenic function… Meaning it prevents your poles from clogging up.

And all the benefits it brings to the skin, Makes it suitable for all skin types, including those with oily or acne-prone skin, Because it prevents breakouts in all skin types. Because of the high level of healing it has, it is widely used in the cosmetic and beauty industry. In Nigeria, we refer to it as Shea butter and a lot of people…even those who claim to not care about their skin use it.

This is because it is a highly moisturizing and nourishing butter that is full of vitamins.
Its emollient component helps in creating a protective barrier on the skin, shielding you from the many things that can cause skin damage.

And also prevents fast skin aging. Its buttery feel is good for soothing the skin and giving it a youthful outlook.
In fact, many people use it in their meals.
And they make it their default food oil because of its many skin benefits.

Ultimate Skin repair protein #5: West Indian Lemongrass.

This tropical protein herb is scientifically known as Cymbopogon citratus Its Antimicrobial Properties helps to fight skin bacteria and fungi.

And its natural oil-controlling properties, makes it the perfect cure for individuals who have oily and acne-prone skin. You see, a lot of people extract the oil of the herb and use it to change their skin texture and outlook. This is because its general properties help remove impurities, and detoxify the skin’s inner tissues.

Each of these traditional herbs are responsible for the thorough repair of the skin’s metabolism….
Which relatively leaves your skin moisturized and protected from being sun-damaged.

It Is Basically The Ultimate Solution To Help You Experience:

I can tell you all these because I have sincerely experienced it for myself and I’m still experiencing it.

I finally got a boyfriend who I am now about to get married to…

And still young men are now turning their heads to check me out…

My friends and family tell me how great my skin is every time we have an event or meet up…

And even other women in the mall ask for my “secret”…

My colleagues won’t stop talking about how they didn’t know how beautiful I truly was.

I’m a totally new woman… and I love it!

And here’s what I love just as much…

I’m not the only woman experiencing this drastic story change….

Dongoyaro Herbal Skin Protein has worked miraculously for 200+ women……

in Nigeria alone.

And you can see it for yourself in each of these stories….

(Disclaimer: The following images May Be Disturbing to Some Individuals!)

Battle won against Ringworm

Battle won against Eczema

The testimonies of the wonders these herbs are performing have been coming to us from different states in Nigeria…

Like Tunde who was diagnosed with Pseudomonas that spoiled his skin and left it with sore wounds and scars…

And Funmi who used to constantly battle Acne….

But is now wearing a scarless skin on her face…

You see, 

We’ve been fed a lie about our skin for so long…..

We’ve been made to believe that our skin is the same and that everything that works for our friends should work for us too!

But this isn’t true!

Even I was a victim of this thought, but not until I started my research and decided to be more knowledgeable about the things I put on my skin and the products I use.

But the question is….

Do you think you can find a better skin healing product out there?

Can you wait for more than 13 months, like I did, to do your own research?

Do you think you deserve to continue suffering from continuous skin irritations and reactions?

Do you have the patience to stay up all night for close to 13 months and constantly do various research on herbs and their components?

Do you have the energy to continue being the topic for fun?

You see, 

The truth is I don’t think that’s fair on you. 

Because it will just be you going through the same circle.

I mean you already know how draining it is not just physically but also mentally and emotionally…

You know how much of your hard earned money you’ll have to continue spending on products you’re not even sure of…

You know the kind of depressing feeling that will come with the news of every event and gathering you have to attend.

Are these things you would want to continue experiencing?

Because we both know that…

Most Of The Skin Care Brands Out There Don’t Know How To Pick The Right Ingredients That Make A Skincare Product Work.

As you can see it took me way more than 13 months to get an actual skincare expert, and the truth is even when I found her, I was still doubtful of the result I would get…

But sincerely betting on myself and giving it a try is the best decision I’ve ever made.

Because It has been my personal game changer.

With the 5 skin protein herbs i spoke about earlier and the hidden X herb from southern India,


You will be able walk into any room and watch everyone put their glances on you…

You will be able to confidently walk amidst strangers and friends alike without feeling ashamed….

And most of all…

You will have the opportunity to visit all the exclusive places that you have always wanted to go.

You will become one of the many women that is currently enjoying a problem free skin…

Like Joyce

Who couldn’t live properly because of her scabies, she was constantly itchy and leaving her house took a lot of thinking.

But as of today, she has no sign of scabies, not even a scar.

“I just want to tell you that the Herbal Skin Protein worked wonders. When I ordered, i was battling with rashes that looked like scabies on my neck but just after applying the Protein Bundle for 2 days, it has cleared off completely!”
- Joyce
Lagos State

And even a pharmacist testifies!

A pharmacist in Benin sent in this testimony from one of her clients who was diagnosed with topical yeast infection by a dermatologist. The client had been on medications for 2 months and there wasn’t any improvement.

She specifically recommended the Product that carried the Six Ultimate Skin Proteins…

 Even when the client was skeptical about the products at first, she gave him to use it as trial without paying and once again, it did its wonders.

Just like Joyce and the many other women that have completely healed themselves of skin irritations, 

I would love for you to find your own skin freedom too,

I want you to also experience the type of happiness that comes with never having to worry about irritations or the scars it’ll leave on your body,

I also want you to get your own testimony about how your skin changed for good and how you now feel alive and so much better about your glowing skin…

I want you to also…

Switch your skin from being Bumpy, Itchy, and Rough…..To being Silky Smooth as a baby’s bum in a mirror!

Look, I will be blunt…

Your skin condition is not special.

There are many people like you suffering from one or more skin conditions.

In fact if you’ve read this far, then you would know that I am just like you!

I have battled with consistent breakouts, and acne….

And I too feared that I would live the rest of my life fighting for a better skin when I should indeed be living…

But with my intensive research, Skin expert Ifeoma Adibe-Chukwuka and the Dongoyaro Healing Skin Protein Bar, I turned my skin and life around.

Which means that you too live without:

And it doesn’t matter….

If you have been told that your skin can NEVER get better!

Even if you have tried countless skin products that only damaged your skin…

Or if you have given up on your skin totally, it doesn’t matter.

Because the Dongoyaro Healing Skin Protein Bar not only has deep earth benefits that will change your skin outlook,

It will also help rebuild your immune system in a way that it heals from within and aids your skin healing process.

I mean, don’t you think you’ve spent too many years searching for that one thing you can be sure will work for you?

I personally think it’s time to put a stop to that….for good!

You have invested enough of your tears, your sweat, and your precious time looking for the right solution…and today is the day you can put an end to that.

Today, you can break your skin boundary and get set for a life of acceptance and confidence…

You don’t have to be ‘that girl’ with skin issues.

And because I want you to change your story for good like I did for myself, 

You’ll never have to spend your hard earned money on any other products that might fail you again.

And so you’ll agree with me that each of these ingredients are priceless!

In fact during my research, I I got to know the procedures it takes to get each of these herbs and how much they cost…

It’s very expensive.

And because the cost of these hidden natural protein herbs is so high these days, Ifeoma was set to charge at least #10,000 for this product.

Especially when you consider how effective it is and how many people it has helped to get their dream skin just by using it daily!

But I knew that with this price, a lot of people who needed this product would be unable to afford it…

I couldn’t let that happen…

I also understand the situation of the country…

I know how hard things are 

That’s why I tried to beg Ifeoma to find some kind of way around the price…

And after going back and forth about the price, she agreed to cut the price in 2…

But only for the first 100 people to order today.

And once she gets the first 100 orders from this page today, 

She’ll increase the price to its original value price immediately!

But if you act faster than other women who are most probably reading this like you,

Then you’ll be able to get your dream silky and smooth skin, and you won’t even be paying as much as you’ve imagined….

You won’t even be paying half of it….

You won’t have to pay thousands of naira like you used to…

Because even the original price won’t cost you up to #20,000 Naira like most skincare brands charge you.

Although, you’ll agree with me that this skin healing product is worth way more than that. 

And the best part of this is…

You still won’t be paying up to half of the original price of one product (10,000 Naira) and….

You’ll also get your hands on Herbal Skin Protein Salve that works hand-in-hand with this Soap if you’re among the first 100 people that pay today

And mind you, this Herbal Skin Protein Salve also cost #10,000

But you will get it for free if you’re among the first 100 people that order

Now, with all of these benefits, if you were asked to pay a sum of #30,000…

Won’t you gladly do it?

But that isn’t even the case, because…. 

All it will cost you is
#4200 Naira!...(ONLY)

Even lesser than half the standard price.

I genuinely don’t think you can find something worthy with an offer like this anywhere else.

Get Rid Of Bad Skin In LESS Than 14 Days!

You see, 

This BONUS product is my personal gift to you for all the battles you’ve faced…

For all the sacrifices you’ve had to make…

For the self confidence you lost…

For all the things people said to your face and behind your back…

For the sleepless nights and countless failed trials…

All because of your skin.

I didn’t just wake up one day and decided to gift you this BONUS,

It took a lot of consideration from me.

But because soon, I will be getting married to a man who is madly in love with me…

A man who sees me in my eternity and tells me how beautiful I am…

Which means I get to live one of my most important dreams because of the Dongoyaro Healing Skin Protein Pack.

This is a very big and joyous thing for me, so I decided that I was going to get an extra product for women who got this product.

Get Rid Of Bad Skin In LESS Than 14 Days

You can get your desired skin and life for a cheaper amount than your favorite small sized Pizza….

Or even your favorite Slippers.

So I think that we can both agree that getting your ideal spotless skin with no more acne, eczema, or even scars and…

Without wasted time, effort and money, it would be worth much more than only #4200 Naira!

This way, you’ll be able to save a lot of money while wearing a spotless and silky skin!

And If you make your order now, you’ll automatically get an Extra Herbal Salve Cream BONUS!

So instead of getting just the Dogoyaro Herbal Protein Bar…

You will be getting THE WHOLE Dongoyaro Herbal Protein Pack!

Which would originally cost you the cheap price of #10,000 Naira too.

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Get Rid Of Bad Skin In LESS Than 14 Days!

When you click on the link, You will be directed straight to fill out your delivery details, and your order will be shipped to your doorstep in 3 to 5 business days.

Of course, I also have a small support team that is here for you 24/7, so if you have questions about your order, you can always reach out to me here – ON WHATSAPP!

You Can ONLY Get The DONGOYARO HERBAL SOAP and its EXTRA BONUS Here On Our Website!

Because our herbs and ingredients are a unique African tropical blend, and this unique mixture of natural ingredients has never been produced before…

Please don’t fall for the acclaimed herbal mix you find online or on your local health food-store…

Because they are filled with cheap herbs, powders… and would only add to your skin irritation and problems.

They lack the unique ingredients that made the Dongoyaro Herbal Soap and its BONUS, simply the best All Natural Skin Protein ever created!

Every day, hundreds of people motivated to get a mirror-like skin join the 200+ Nigerians who have already succeeded with the help of Dongoyaro Herbal Protein Pack….

I tried everything but nothing worked, until I tried Dongoyaro Healing Protein Bar” - Esther.

"This is a major improvement” - Hauwa

“The skin infection on my boys has finally cleared!” - Hamidah.

“Jock itch & Shaving bumps gone” - Emeka.

Get Rid Of Bad Skin In LESS Than 14 Days

In fact, the goodness of the Dongoyaro Herbal Protein Soap goes beyond medically healing the skin with its anti-bacteria, antifungal and antimicrobial properties….

Its powerful mixture of African traditional and herbal components also helps to fasten the healing process of open wounds…

(Disclaimer: The following images May Be Disturbing to Some Individuals!)

Just like how it healed this child’s worm induced fungi, taking him from this…

To This…

This little boy’s mum reached out to us that her son had a ringworm patch on his head. 

In her words…

 I tried everything I could but the ringworm patch continued to spread and his scalp is itching badly to the point that it is bleeding”. 

Luckily for her, a neighbor’s friend came visiting and saw her son’s head. The friend then recommended our Dongoyaro Healing Protein Bar. 

11 days after she ordered it she came back to share her son’s testimony.

No eczema is too big, No Dongoyaro is too small!!!

Joseph reached out to us about this severe eczema reaction he has and had been battling with it for months now. He said 

“I’ve had an eczema reaction all over my back that has refused to go for over 5 months” 

We recommended our Dongoyaro Healing Protein Bar and everything cleared out in just 3 weeks.

2-In-1 Dongoyaro Healing Soap And Salve



Questions People Ask

Got Any Of These Questions, We've got Answers!

A lot of chemical based products use the forbidden formula of skin health in their products.

Ingredients like perfume and fragrance, alcohol, sulfate and others are seriously dangerous to the skin.

They rid the skin of its ability to heal itself from damage, and they also gradually kill your skin ….

Natural ingredients are however what scientists define as ‘New Medicine’.

Their all natural sources help not just the human skin but also the human body in general.

For centuries, herbs, plants and roots have been used to heal different kinds of wounds and diseases.

This makes herbal remedies the most effective type of treatment to ever exist…

For all kinds of distress.

Dongoyaro Healing Skin Protein was specifically made to correct skin damage.

Its mixture of 6 different protein herbs that have been shown in studies to help support the skin’s production of Unending proteins.

Plus, these ingredients have also been shown to protect the healthy skin repair cells you already have…

And to “kill off” the unhealthy and dysfunctional ones that could put skin health at risk. 

These 6 Ingredients Are: 

#1 Azadirachta (Dongoyaro)

#2 Cassia Alata…

#3 Tree of Life (Moringa)

#4 Vitellaria paradoxa

#5 Beeswax

#6 West Indian Lemongrass

And we’ve included each ingredient inside Dongoyaro Healing Skin Protein at clinically supported dosages…

Which is a big deal, because studies show that both too much or too little of these ingredients may be less beneficial than having an amount that’s “just right.”


Dongoyaro Healing Skin Protein contains natural ingredients that are shown to support the production and function of healthy, skin cell repairs…

It has nothing to do with the local DIY concoctions…

Which means you can now enjoy the age-defying benefits of a good, clear and healthy skin without sacrificing your health!

It’s hard to say.


My goal is to get this breakthrough in Skin healing and repair to as many Nigerians as possible…


Especially since this product represents such a revolution…


It takes something that was previously only available in a continent…


And makes it available to every Nigerian without costing a thing.


Yet that’s my goal…


There is only a good number of these products that can be processed in a month…


And this is due to the cost of these ingredients.


Once all these ingredients get exhausted, you’ll have to wait for a couple more months to get it.


That’s because it takes a lot of time to manufacture…


I simply cannot guarantee how long we’ll have the Dongoyaro Healing Skin Protein in stock…


Which is why if you’re ready to experience the incredible benefits of this product…


It’s important that you do take action today by ordering your supply.

There are a few different skin types—normal, dry, oily, combination, and sensitive. 

Yes, definitely. Both the Dongoyaro Healing Protein Bar and the Salve are 100% all natural. You can use them as much as you like, even during pregnancy.

Sometimes Skin Care can be too much. But it all depends on the type of components that your products contain. For an All Natural Component, Dongoyaro Healing Protein Bundle has no limits.

You are advised to use it in the morning and at night before you go to bed.

Results can vary by individual and what products you are using. How consistent you are with your skincare routine plays an important role in the success of your results. But regardless, you will start seeing results in 2 days if used consistently.


It’s easy…


Just click the button you see at the bottom of this page right now and place your order.


Our Dongoyaro Healing Skin Protein Bar is by far the most popular option because of the added BONUS you get…


The moment you place your order…


You’ll be directed to fill in your details on a form.


Once that’s done,


We’ll begin processing both your Dongoyaro Healing Skin Protein Bar and your BONUS, and send them out to you.


Then, once you’ve received your order in a few short days from now…


Simply start using  this skin  repair pack in the morning and at night…each day.


And I’m confident you’ll be amazed by just how different you look and feel. 


So go ahead and place your order now…


So you can experience the power of Dongoyaro Healing Skin Protein Bar for yourself right away!

Get Rid Of Bad Skin In LESS Than 14 Days

30 Days Money Back Guarantee!

We have gotten lots of reviews from ALL our customers who have used this DONGOYARO HEALING SOAP AND SALVE. We are so confident that we offer a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee! “We are 100% sure that If you place an order and use this product you will see result within 14days or Less.”

That’s how much confidence we have in our DONGOYARO HEALING SOAP AND SALVE


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